Ejeton & Intel Global Smart Retail Information Summit from April 14th-18th

As the innovative and rapid iteration day, Ejeton and Intel co-hosted the "Global Smart Retail Information Summit" recently, invited famous experts and friends
from the global retail information industry to gather together to discuss the future development of the smart retail information trend.
On 15 April 2019, the first Ejeton and Intel Retail Information Round Table Summit was held at the new Conference room on Floor 5 of Ejeton New Retail Digital Industrial Park.

Mr. Xue, CEO of Ejeton, Mr. Peng, Secretary general of China Chain Management Association, Mr. Li, president of Shenzhen Retail Intelligent informatization Industry Association, Mr. Xia of Intel Company, Mr. Ryan, TenCent partner , and we have our subsidiarity companies’ General Manager Mr. Li of  self-service cabinet, Mr. Fu of Scale,  attended the conference and had a speech.
Overseas General manager Kuofeng and 18 overseas VIP customers from different countries participated in the Summit.
Mr. Xue made the open speech, thanks for all the participators and make introduction of Ejeton and Ejeton future development.

Mr. Jianzhen Peng , Secretary-General of the China Retail Chain Management Association, shared the speech: the development of the retail industry in the past 20 years and the development trend in the future.
Tencent partner Ryan shared: now pay form WeChat Alipay, and future payment trends
Mr. Kuofeng Lee, Ejeton overseas General manager, shared the future trends of the retail industry under the influence of Industry V4.0, as well as the sales target, overseas products and market planning of the overseas departments for the next 5 years.
Ms. Eva, Ejeton Overseas Product Manager, shared the Product roadmap as existing products and future products.
Ms. Karol, Overseas marketing manager, shared overseas marketing activities and market planning.
Frank share speech: New application fields image recognition Smart self-service sales Cabinets technology application and innovation, as well as market development prospects and future prospects.
Mr. Fu Yunfeng share: Smart Barcode Scale Product introduction and planning, as well as future R & D applications in the IoT field.
After the speech, there was free discussion session. 
Overseas customers have expressed a strong interest in the prosperity of the sale of smart self-service vending machines, share their option of the new retail industry trend in their countries.

Finally, overseas guests visited new Ejeton retail digital Industrial park, the beautiful modern office environment and has been unanimously praised by customers.
And in the new product showroom and product experience is to give customers an unexpected surprise, have expressed a high degree of recognition of Ejeton’s products, and look forward to more cooperation between each other in the future.
In a cheerful, pleasant and friendly atmosphere, Ejeton & Intel International VIP Customer Summit, the first Shenzhen Conference on 15 April 2019 was complete successful.
The following is the Xi’an trip.
In 17 April 2019 morning, the second session of the Ejeton & Intel International VIP Customer Summit was held in XI 'An, Mr. Dimo, Intel IOT product director made a speech of the IOT and AI development trend.
Ejeton as Intel's strategic partner in the POS industry, co- organize Ejeton & Intel International VIP Partner Symposium, to promote the development of the industry to a new level. And for Ejeton, it is also a new beginning, a new starting point, embracing dreams and moving towards the future.

Thank you to our allies and international friends.
Hands in hand, we will go into the future! We'll get together next time!